The Graph is our bright future

What kind of data and applications do you see moving to Web3?
There are a lot of such kind of data, I will consider the example of the digital data sphere. They really need a decentralized system to effectively use their full potential. DApps can be created for a variety of entertainment systems, from intellectual property rights to music licensing, from movie platforms to games.
Graph has taken a huge step forward as Web3 is the future. but further active development of its capabilities is required, adding levels of reliability and security to indexed data from the blockchain.

What type of data should be indexed on The Graph?

Let’s imagine that in the future we will operate with a much larger amount of data than now, and basically everything will be in units — exbibyte (EiB), it will also be important to make ultra-fast queries for data analysis, such as dapp data, private data, public sets data, commercial data.
I also expect that a decentralized network will introduce people to the possibilities of semantic search, in which the result will be even more accurate and relevant.

How do you see The Graph protocol and subgraphs evolving in the future?

We should all be prepared for Web3 to become highly functional, and thus DApps will become mainstream applications. At the initial stage of development, one of the first tasks will be to transfer subgraphs, which are already used in a large number of important applications, into the Graph mainnet. In my subjective opinion, The Graph protocol will become the standard in the development of decentralized applications due to its unique approach to the scalability and resilience of the server infrastructure. As a result, developers and their decentralized applications will have an internal infrastructure without a single point of failure. In general, The Graph is intended to reduce the cost and simplify the process of obtaining information from the Ethereum blockchain (in the future, perhaps, other blockchains), it works great now, and in the future it will be even better.

Why do you believe in The Graph?

Graph is so important to Web3 because it solves a problem that hurts hundreds of developers every day. Because it helps developers a lot to sort large datasets and provide useful information for their decentralized applications. Graph uses the multi-triggering capability to increase performance and output times. It also contributes enormously to a better user experience by dramatically increasing response times. Many people are looking for safe and reliable platforms for indexing purposes, and Graph has what it takes to provide users with the best data indexing service. Another reason for trust is an excellent team with great intelligence, which is also actively working and, of course, a bright and unique community.

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We are now at the very beginning of the journey towards building true decentralization and Web3.0. And I am confident that The Graph protocol will make a huge contribution to this area. Our task is to support the project and help to accelerate the achievement of these goals. And I’m sure we can handle it!